Protecting the Bare-Hand Live-Line Workers Under the Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Influence Using Bio-Phyto Dynamic Modulators

  • George A. FLOREA Senior Member IEEE, Power & Lightning Tehnorob S.A., Bucharest
  • Ancu DINCA „Ancu Dinca” Natural Medicine Center, 17th Manastirea Putna Street, 1st sector, Bucharest
  • Stelian I. A. GAL Transelectrica S.A., Bucharest


As already demonstrated, the long term negative biological effects are caused by the low frequency magnetic field exposure, but by the left torsion field accompanying the electromagnetic field, as well. Inside their special suites, the workers are protected against the electric field, but not against the magnetic and torsion field. Continuing the researches reported by the occasion of IEEEESMO 2006 and IEEE-Powertech 2009 the authors developed much more protective patterns as bio phyto dynamic modulators for the bare-hands live-line workers.