Creating a French - Romanian Bilingual Terminology of Veterinary Parasitology

  • Corina Georgeta ABRAHAM-BARNA Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Timisoara Calea Aradului nr. 119, 300645 Timişoara, Romania


The veterinary medical profession is regulated in Europe: any European veterinarian can work in other European countries, and the multilingual terminology resources are tools used in their work. In this context, terminologists contribute to offer them reliable and safe tools. The purpose of our research, carried out on the sub-field of the Veterinary Parasitology, is to provide a French - Romanian bilingual terminology on this topic. The corpus linguistic techniques enabled our researches: we created a corpus, VeThèses, containing 2193 DVM thesis (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine thesis), collected from 11 years (1998-2008) of the four French Veterinary Faculties, thesis available in digital format, on the topic of Domestic Vertebrates, work which is part of a wider terminology project. In order to realise the term extraction, we applied successive methods to this corpus. The quantitative analysis of the DVM thesis was made through the textometric toolbox Lexico 3, software used in order to establish the characteristic elements, statistics, concordances, and repeated segments. The results of this work on the corpus have been introduced in our database VeTerm. Given the scale of the project, we pursued the study of terminology of Veterinary Parasitology. The conclusions revealed the problems and solutions arising during the creation of a bilingual terminology.