Comparative Research on the Development of the Stands from the Degraded Perimeters of Chinteni and Vaida Cămăraș

  • Silvia Agneta ANDRAȘ
  • Marcel DáŽRJA
  • Alexandru COLIȘAR
Keywords: afforestation, degraded land, erosion


The erosion of the soil has negative ecological and economic effects on short but also onlong term. The purpose of this theme is the knowledge of the evolution of the stands and of theimproving effects on the degraded lands. The main objectives followed in this paper are theidentification and the stational mapping of the degraded and consolidated lands through afforestation.The positive influences of the stands are multiple and among the most important ones we can name theimprovement of the pedological conditions, of the environmental conditions, and also some economicadvantages due to the wood obtained, the berries, but also the creation of favorable conditions forhunting. The afforestation of the degraded lands has a positive effect from an economic and ecologicalperspective, but also through the decreasing of the impact caused by the climate changes. In thismanner, important surfaces of land will be introduced in the economic circuit and will improve thepedoclimatic conditions for the culture.