Influence of Inoculum Density, Fungicide Treatment of Substrate and Temperature on the Growth and Yield of Pleurotus ostreatus

  • Ben AYED
  • André FALISSE
Keywords: inoculum density, fungicide, yield, Pleurotus ostreatus


Five rates of Pleurotus ostreatus inoculum (1, 2, 4, 6 and 8%) and two fungicide treatmentsof the substrate (methyl thiophanate plus CaCO3 vs no treatment) have been studied in a factorialexperiment in two complete randomized blocks. Main results show that the fungicide treatment of thesubstrate allows obtaining a better inoculation at all densities, a lower infection by non-desiredorganisms and for a 6% inoculum rate a yield 25% higher than the yield of the highest inoculum rate(8%) on untreated substrate. Observations and measurements in a commercial crop and in the factorialtrial have allowed to establish several correlations such as between the carpophore diameter andweight; between the carpophore thickness and its density, relation that could be important if density ismore taken in account as a quality parameter. Measures have also allowed to determine growthparameters such as growth rates in function of the carpophores diameter with daily values GRDV from400% (young carpophores with diameters <6 mm) to 200-100 % (older carpophores with diameters >30 mm). Differences found between growth temperatures 15°C and 20°C were not significantindicating flexibility regarding the temperature regulation.