The Arrangement of a Seating Area with Ornamental Plants in a Commercial Area with Multiple Destinations

  • Maria BÄ‚LA
  • Cristian BERAR
  • Cristina Elena TOÅ¢A
  • Gabriela Ina POP
Keywords: commercial center, ornamental plants, seating areas/relaxation areas


In a commercial space, the range of interior plants can be very different. Depending on thedestination of the area there can be used plants from those with a small frame to those of aconsiderable size. In this paper we suggested the usage of the ornamental plants for the interiordecoration of the “Iulius Mall†building in Timisoara as described below. In areas where meals areserved or in open-spaced cafés the usage of large species, such as palms and fig trees is recommended.The chosen species for the vicinity of play areas should be of the blooming type in order to cheer thechildren up. The remaining space in the commercial center will be decorated by ornamental plantschosen based on their light preferences.