Issues on Dry Matter Accumulation through Photosyntesis, Compared to the Three Types of Bio-phyto-module Type Ad, on Species Prunus domestica (Plum), Malus domestica (Apple), and Juglans regia (Walnut)

Keywords: plum, apple, walnut, bio-phyto-modulators, photosynthesis, influence, error


Plum, apple and walnut are three species of fruit trees, namely trees, covering a significantplace in the horticulture of Romania. Improving the quality and quantity of fruit must become apriority of modern horticulture, so that any new method that contributes to this goal is welcome. Thedevices A.D. are recognized through numerous experiments conducted. Thus, we choose to expiriencethe effect of these on three species mentioned above, comparing the amount of dry matter assimilatedduring a day, of each species to the other. The method comprises two harvesting of biological material(leaves), one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. Harvested material is dried and weighed,for finding the values which must be compared. Value analysis restored, with an less significant error,the influence of the three devices used, on dry matter accumulation and on photosynthesis process.