Studies on the Changes of Aroma Compounds of Tămâioasă Românească from Cotnari Vineyard

  • Lucia Cintia COLIBABA
  • Valeriu V. COTEA
  • Marius NICULAUA
  • Bogdan NECHITA
  • Nicoleta GHERGHINA (cas. Vechiu)
Keywords: aroma compounds, Tămâioasă românească, Cotnari, treatments


Aroma compounds determine the specific sensorial profile of each wine. However, theybecome susceptible to losses because of different oenological treatments applied to the wines and ofthe conditions in which the wines are maintained in the commercial spaces. Six Cotnari wine samples,obtained from Tămâioasă românească grapes 2011, were obtained by treatment with differentoenological products or maintained in conditions similar to supermarkets. The wine was taken directlyfrom the industrial production line and then treatments were applied. A GC analysis revealed thesensorial profile of each sample. In general, all the treated samples show lower concentrations ofaroma compounds compared to the control, while the sample kept in artificial commercial chainsconditions showed the lowest number and concentrations of flavor compounds.