The Variation Content of Nutrients Mobile Forms in Vine Leaves under the Influence of Technological Links

  • Maria CONTOMAN
Keywords: fertilization, maintenance, phenophase, nutrients, vine


The research took place in a vineyard ecosystem from Bujoru’s Hills. Ecopedologicalconditions are favorable for viticulture, especially for red varieties. The soil is a cambic chernozemwith degradation trends.The experiment followed the dynamics of macroelements and microelementsunder the influence of mineral and organic fertilization as well as under the influence of themechanical and biological maintenance of the soil during two important phenophases: flourishmentand fructification. The parallel analysis of the soil and the plant is the most effective way to determinethe nutritional regime of the vine. They allow us to interfere directly in order to optimize nutritionalregime so as to achieve maximum efficiency and high quality. The data obtained in the context of theBujoru ecosystem revealed the existence of the soil-plant-production relations which are useful indeveloping a coordinated system of fertilization and the maintenance of an ecological design.