Study of Some Tomato Varieties Originating in England in the Pedoclimatic Condition of Braila County

  • Catalin GALAN
  • Nicole Livia ATUDOSIEI
  • Razvan COÅ¢IANU
  • Florentina EREMIA
Keywords: , cherry“ tomatoes, Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme


The study has as the main target the testing of some tomato varieties originating in Englandin the pedoclimatic condition South-Eastern Romania from Braila region. For this first stage of theproject there are not of special interest the technical economical parameters (costs, productivity, profitetc.), theese following to be the object of a different study. They have been studied six ,,cherry“tomatos varieties. (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme): 1. Cherry Snow White (C.W.); 2. CherryBlack (C.Bk.); 3. Cherry Brown Berry (C.Br.); 4. Cherry Gold Nugget (C.Gn.); 5. Cherry Cerise(C.Cr.); 6. Cherry Riesentraube (C.Rs.). The biotechnical parameters of the cultivated varieties weremonitorized along the whole vegetative period, respectively May 29th 2011, the planting date in openfield, and until October 22nd, the date of the experimental plot land clearing.