The Aesthetic Values of Landscape Design

  • Constanța Carmina GHEORGHIŢĂ
Keywords: public space, aesthetic values, landscape improvements in urban space, quality of urban space, aesthetics of landscape improvements, attractiveness of urban space


Public spaces are the structural elements of any architectural environment, areas of socialcohesion, spaces of coexistence, outbreaks of urbanity programmatically designed to attract all typesof public, to reunite the citizens of the city and to improve the dynamics of the urban space; in oneword, the city’s front window. The quality of urban space is primarily determined by the quality of thepublic areas belonging to the city, the areas that the city offers for common use to its inhabitants. Theaesthetic of landscape improvements have benefic influences on the cultural and artistic education ofcitizens and on their moral well-being. This study aims to establish the aesthetic values generated bythe structural elements of landscape improvements and their influences on human perception. Once theaesthetical values being identified, the paper tries to establish parameters for measuring the quality ofpublic space, and in the end, aims to generate hypothesis whose final goal is to increasethe attractiveness of urban space.