In vitro Propagation of Several Walnut Cultivars

  • Rodica GOTEA
  • Ionuț GOTEA
  • Radu E. SESTRAS
  • Kourosh VAHDATI
Keywords: micropropagation, microcuttings, BAP


The in vitro establishment and proliferation of some Persian walnut cultivars (J. regia L.),‘Chandler’, ‘Franquette’ and ‘Jupânești’ were analyzed by using three types of gelling agents andrespectively, three levels of the cytokinin concentration. A good establishment rate was obtained forthe ‘Jupânești’ walnut cultivar on DKW culture medium gelled with Phytagel (2.1 g/L). During themultiplication stage, the Romanian ‘Jupânești’ walnut cultivar responded very well on DKW culturemedium with 1 mg/L BAP, 2.1 g/L Phytagel and 3% sucrose.