Researches Regarding Intraspecific Hybridization of Gladiolus L. Species in Order to Obtain Novel Ornamental Varieties

  • Denisa HORÅ¢
  • Maria CANTOR
  • Erzsebet BUTA
Keywords: breeding, characters, crossings, cultivars, genitors, germplasm, hybrid


The breeding program is an important preoccupation of many researchers in the wholeworld. It is a constant work to introduce permanently new cultivars to increase the variability of theGladiolus species. At the Department of Ornamental Plants at UASVM Cluj-Napoca, the researchactivities for diversification of the gladioli assortment included in the didactical collection is a mainactivity. The material for this investigation contained the intraspecific and hybrids of Gladiolus L.which were developed and selected during 2010-2012 period at USAMV Cluj-Napoca. In the presentstudy were reported the intraspecific hybridization as a breeding tool to produce novel ornamentalvarieties in Gladiolus. A number of 23 cultivars were selected from the collection field, based on themain morphological and decorative characteristics to be used as genitors, in 35 simple intraspecificcrossings. Successful hybrids clones from segregating progeny (F1) were obtained and quantitative andqualitative characteristics were evaluated. All F1 hybrids were grown under field conditions. Theresults indicate that segregating progeny from intraspecific hybridization between Gladiolus cultivarssupplied interesting variation as ornamental material absent in parental species. A number of 10 cloneswith good ornamental characteristics were selected for future trials. Some of the products of theseintraspecific hybridizations will be evaluate for homologation for commercialized directly or used asthe germplasm for further breeding of novel ornamental crops.