Environmental Factors Influence on Quality of Wine Grape Varieties in Four Different Areas of Culture

  • Mihai-Lucian LUNG
  • Nastasia POP
  • Florentina CIOBANU
  • Anca BABES
  • Claudiu BUNEA
  • Simona LAZAR
Keywords: wine grapes, climatic conditions, temperature, humidity, sugar, acidity, pH


The climatic conditions, the genotype and the appropriate technology are very important forsuccessful cultivation of vines and for obtaining quality products. To describe a viticulture climatearea, climatic parameters are used, which show the binary and ternary interaction between ecoclimaticconditions: light, temperature and humidity (Mursa, 2009; Pop, 2010). The research aims tocharacterize the influence of eco-climatic conditions on wine grapes quality in four different areasfrom Romania. The study was done on samples collected from didactic collection of the University ofAgricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (C), Timisoara (T), from the commercialplantation of Mica (M) and Batos (B). The year 2011 was a warm year, with average temperaturesmuch above the multiannual average and with low rainfalls in all the four areas mentioned above. As aconclusion to this study, Timisoara has the best ecoclimatic conditions for viticulture. The highestquantity of sugar was accumulated by the cultivars ʻMuscat Ottonelʼ and ʻFetească neagrăʼ, thischaracter being mostly influenced by area.