The Efficiency of Tree Crown Form - Improved Bush for the Fruit Stone Species

  • Valerii MANZIUC
  • Gheorghe CIMPOIES
Keywords: apricot, cherry, crown form, efficiency, plum, production cost, profit, profitableness


Scientific investigations are carried out in different countries in order to elaborate new treecrown forms or to improve the existing ones with the purpose of increasing the productivity of plum,apricot and cherry plantations and reduce the expenses for their cultivation. The goal of theaccomplished investigations was to increase the productivity of plum, apricot and cherry plantationsand the economic efficiency of fruit trees trained according to a new type of crown form - improvedbush. It was established that the studied crown form is more efficient compared with the existing ones.Despite the fact that capital investment for the establishment of plantations with trees trainedaccording to improved bush is higher, the term of return on it is shorter. The obtained annual profitand profitableness level for the plum and cherry production were the highest in the variant ofimproved bush with 5 branches and constituted respectively 50,43-57,93 and 38,06-56,58 thousandlei/ha with a profitableness level of 281-317 and 158-170%. The most efficient variant of apricotproduction was obtained in the plantations with trees trained according to improved bush with 4branches, where the recorded profit was of 45,55-61,66 thousand lei/ha and the profitableness level of387-403%, depending on the variety.