The Productivity of Plum, Apricot and Cherry Trees Trained According to Improved Bush Type of Tree Crown

  • Valerii MANZIUC
  • Gheorghe CIMPOIES
Keywords: apricot trees, cherry trees, productivity, tree crown, varieties


Increasing the productivity of the plum, apricot and cherry plantations and reducing theexpenses for fruit production is the most current problem in the cultivation technology of thesespecies. For this purpose, it has been studied a new tree crown form - improved bush. During a periodof 7 years, there have been carried out the following investigations: evaluation of plantationproductivity depending on the variety and crown form, determination of the bio constructionparameters of the improved bush type of crown form and establishment of the method of treecultivation. The obtained data show that the improved bush type of tree crown, due to the highernumber of trees on a given surface, increases plantation productivity by 1,45 -2,0 times compared withthe existing orchards. 97% of fruits of the apricot and cherry trees trained according to this type ofcrown form were distributed on the 1-year-old and 3-year-old branches. For the plum trees, the 4-yearoldbranches have a special importance as about 12,2 up to 14,6% of the total fruits were distributedon these branches. The productivity of plum and cherry species was higher when trees have beentrained according to improved bush with 5 branches, while for apricot trees - with 4 branches. Whenpruning for fructification the trees trained according to improved bush, the semi-skeletal branches ofapricot and cherry trees should be replaced with the 4-year-cycle and those of plum trees with the 4 or5-year-cycle.