Aspects Regarding Colorado Blue Spruce’s Behavior in Country of Origin

  • Georgel MAZÄ‚RE
Keywords: Picea, argentea, Rocky Mountains, biometric


Among the Picea genus species, Picea pungens is the best known of the exotic speciesbelonging to this genus and also the most popular species spread in the landscape of our country.Despite this, there are no more researches or bibliographic references in the specialized literatureconsidering this specie’s growth and development in Romanian climatic conditions or out. There aresome researches, not much, from specialized literature which regards some aspects of behavior anddimensions of this species in Romania, but the data concerning the dimensions and behavior of thisspecies abroad is very poor. This paper aims to bring more details on these items recorded out ofRomania, and this research aim to be more interesting considering that these details came from thespecie’s origin places. Considering that, this paper present some observation and measurements madein the summer of 2012 in the Rocky Mountain forests, Rocky Mountain National Park-Colorado andon route between Boulder, Vail and Aspen-Colorado. In these places Colorado blue spruce can formpure forest or can be found in mixture with white fir, aspen tree, poplar tree and pine trees. There weremeasured biometric elements, as stem’s diameter, crown’s, tree’s high and high without branches. Thedata obtained was compared with data obtained from Romanian trees belonging to this species.