The Influence of the Conditions of Growth on the Morphological Traits of Dill Plants

  • Tatiana NOVAC
Keywords: Dill, germination, height, leaves, petioles, weight of plant


The investigations were conducted in the years 2009-2011in the condition of fieldexperiment located at the Department of vegetable production, State Agrarian University of Moldova.The biological material used in experience is represented by variety of dill: Gribovskii early variety,created in Russia, approved and included in the register of plant varieties. This cultivar is intended foruse in fresh and for technical purposes. The investigated three types of land protected: plasticgreenhouses, low tunnel, non woven fleece Agryl and control plots without cover. The experiment wasstarted in the 02 April 2009, 31 March 2010 and 28 March 2011 on the 3m2 fields designed by therandomized method in three replicants. The aim of present investigation was to give an overviewabout the effect of the types of land protected on increased early yield, germination, development andgrowth speed, plant height, number and area of leaves of plants and protects against low temperature.