Geometric Macrostructure Dimensions of the Apple Orchard Regarding the CrownFormation

  • Ananie PESTEANU
  • Alexandr CROITOR
  • Olga GUDUMAC
Keywords: crown projection, foliar index, lateral surface, orchard, volumetric density


The experimental plot is placed in the orchard “Codru - ST†Ltd. in the central part ofRepublic of Moldova in Straseni District, village Bucovat and was founded in 2000 with benchgrafting.Apple trees of the varieties Gala Must, Golden Reinders and Idared growth on dwarfingM9 rootstock, the distance of plantation between rows is 4.0 m, and between trees in the row is1.0 m. During 2001-2005, it was studied the degree of plantation surface coverage under crownprojection, the lateral surface of the crown, the crown volume production, the volumetric density andthe foliar index based on the formation of improved slender spindle crown. It was established thatmaximal values of area in valued crown projection, the lateral surface of the crown and the crownvolume production was recorded in 2005, when the tree crown formation was completed. In this case,the indicators have been studied, respectively, having the following values: 45-56%, from 14.40 to16.30 thousand m2/ha and 7.63 to 10.50 thousand m3/ha. The highest values, the study hints the GalaMust varieties, Idared and Golden Reinders. Volumetric density of the canopy is within the 0.63 to0.66, being considered a relatively optimal value. Leaf area index in relation to nutrition, at thevariants of training variants on the crown due to excessive distance of 4 m between rows of trees isfrom 1.41 to 1.87 and the crown projection surface is compared to 2.89 to 3.65. These values arewithin the requirements submitted to super intensive apple projection, foliar index, lateral surface, orchard, volumetric density