Selected New Machines in Seed Sector

  • Magdalena SZPAKOWSKA
Keywords: seed, sector, cleaning, improve, market, production


In 2006, the total value of the seed sector in the world exceeded 50 billion USD.Seed value of commercial transactions increased during the period of 1970-2006 five times. Thispart of the economy, because of participation in food production, has always played an important rolein the world. According to the International Seed Federation (ISF), three key countries in theworld seed industry in 2011 were the U.S., China and France. This increasing speed of the developmentthe seed sector and the growing competition in the market, made seed companies to undertakeactivities to improve the quality of offered seed material. Harvesting, drying and cleaning ofseeds is the second, after breeding, most labour consuming stage in seed production. It significantly affectsthe final quality of seeds. Due to high competition on market one of the ways to compit is tolower cost when keeping the same quality. It could be reached by using new machines to processseeds. The paper gives examples of some of them. Based on the materials collected in 2011 in selectedseed companies in Italy and France, some new or already known but modified, machines were presented.These are: combine to collect seeds of the cucurbit plants, spiral separator in sets, belt machinewith across direction of the belt, electromagnetic separator, multichannel photocell separator, pressuremachine for unthreshed dry fruit, robot to pack seed bags on a palette. The progress in this area consistson either creating a new machine, enlarging the use of already existing machine, increasing theireffectives through using new materials or their other arrangement on the working place.