Research Concerning the Behavior of Sempervivum Plants under Treatements with Herbicides

  • Adrian ZAHARIA
  • Simina Laura BALCǍU
  • Erzsebet BUTA
  • Dumitru ZAHARIA
Keywords: Sempervivum, herbicides, Fusilade, Pantera, Select, Goal, Afalon, Premiant


The research conducted focused on determining the behavior of Sempervivum montanumplants when treated with herbicides. Six products were used with the following commercial names:Fusilade, Select, Pantera, Goal, Afalon Premiant. From each herbicide were prepared three solutionsof different concentrations (0.2%, 0.1%, 0.05%). With these solutions the Sempervivum montanumplants were sprayed. The effects on the plants were observed after 10-14 days. By determinations wasestablished the number of plants fatally affected, partially affected and unaffected. The research resultsshows that herbicides applied at a concentration of 0.2% are harmful to Sempervivum montanumplants, but in a very variable amount depending on the herbicide. The most powerful harmful effectswas observed in treatment with Goal herbicide. Definitive recommendations can not be made, for thisfurther research is required.