Studies Upon a Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Sortiment Grown in Protected Culture

  • Alexandru Silviu APAHIDEAN
  • Jolan SZABO
  • Alexandru Ioan APAHIDEAN
  • Eniko LACZI
Keywords: culture, lettuce, plant growth, production protected, variety


From the group of green vegetables, the lettuce is the most common and it can be used freshor cooked. Although lettuce has a high nutritional value it also has a therapeutic value due to thecontent of amino acids and mucilage which help to keep normal digestion. Mineral salts (salts of: I,Mg, P, Fe, Cu, Zn) but also vitamins (A,B,C,D,E) give to the human organism strength to fight againstinfections and viruses. The experiment took place in 2011 in an unheated greenhouse, from USAMVCluj-Napoca (Romania). It started at the end of March and it was harvested in May. 10 lettuce hybridswere used (Allegiance, Gentiliana, Lobi, Clarion, Crufia, Sprinter, Roderick, Limax, Lollo rossa-Zki,Lollo rosa-Mefim). The highest yield was obtained at Clarion hybrid, 52.83 t/ha, followed by Roderickhybrid, with 51.5 t/ha.