Hypothesis concerning the Symptoms Typology of Sweet Cherry Cultivars Incompatibility in Orchard

  • Adrian ASÄ‚NICÄ‚
  • Dorel HOZA
  • Valerica TUDOR
  • Georgeta TEMOCICO
Keywords: incompatibility indicators, Prunus avium L., symptom manifestations


Grafting different sweet cherry cultivars on rootstocks such as, ‘Colt’, ‘PHL-C’, ‘CAB6P’,‘CAB11E’, ‘Gisela 5’ and P. mahaleb L. indicate in some combinations delayed incompatibilitysymptoms. The experiments were performed in USAMV Bucharest, Moara Domneasca DidacticFarm, ICDP Pitesti and Istrita Fruit Nursery. To have a better understanding of the phenomenon as awhole, delayed incompatibility symptoms were grouped into categories of phenotypic expression.