Stand Structure Analysis in the Context of the Diversification of Social Demand for Forest Products and Services in “Podu Iloaiei” Forest District (“Iași County” Forest Administration)

  • Constantin Florin BARBIR
Keywords: forest goods and services, multifunctionality, social demand, sustainability


One of the basic principles of forest management underlines that any type of silviculturalintervention must serve the end purpose of creating stand structures able to fulfill productive orproductive and protective functions, established in detail through management planning. Althoughwood production is still the main focus, depending on the region, forests are also expected to coversociety’s growing demand for non-wood products and services such as landscape services, carbonstorage, biodiversity protection or supporting community livelihood in rural areas. Thismultifunctional approach in forest management raises the challenge of creating the suitable structurethat can cover, in a sustainable way, all the demands of local or regional populations. Starting from theabove mentioned issues, the present paper considers the structure of a natural, uneven aged stand,indicated through biometric parameter analysis, as a pattern for multifunctional forestry. The studyrefers to specific conditions in a forest area administrated by “Podu Iloaiei†Forest District, part of“Iași†County Forest Administration.