Perspective Lines for the Vegetable Marrow (Cucurbita pepo L. convar. giromontia Alef.) Created at ICDLF Vidra

  • Maria DUMITRU
  • Gabriela ȘOVÄ‚REL
  • Gicuța SBáŽRCIOG
Keywords: improvement, vegetable marrow, line, germoplasma


In order to gather as many characteristics as possible in the genotype of the new cultivars,as per the set improvement aims (earliness, exterior colour of the fruit, absence of thorns, main stem asshort as possible and a number of fruits on plant as big as possible, reduced degree of ramification,fruits of cylindrical form as long as possible) the germoplasma collection existing at ICDLF Vidra wasused. As a result of the improvement activity performed at ICDLF Vidra, a series of vegetable marrowlines were created, out of which two L 102 and L 285 were clearly superior. L102 - is a semi-earlycultivar, obtained by genealogical selection applied in a hybrid population. L 285 - is a semi-earlycultivar extracted from a hybrid population with orange colour fruit.