Researches on the Behaviour of Certain Genotypes of Vegetable Marrow (Cucurbita pepo L. convar. giromontia Alef.) at the Thermic and Hydric Stress

  • Maria DUMITRU
  • Elena CHIRA
  • Gabriela ȘOVÄ‚REL
Keywords: vegetable marrow, genotype, drought, excessive temperatures


For assessing the behaviour of the vegetable marrow to the abiotic factors, six genotypes ofvegetable marrow were studied (L-201, L-189, L-190, Perfect, Horizon and Happy organized in 3technological variants: V1- culture irrigated by irrigation standards assuring optimal conditions for theplants' growing and development; V2- culture for which small irrigation standards are administered, incritical moments; V3- non-irrigated culture, as of bedding the culture. In the conditions oftechnological variant V3, the plants went through the first phenophases due to the precipitationsaccumulated in May-June; the excessive temperatures and lack of precipitations from June-Julydetermined significant differences between the technological variants and between the genotypes, withrespect to fruits' quality and production potential.