Sugar Content of Carrot Roots as Influenced by the Culture Technology

  • Tincuța Marta GOCAN
  • Dănuț N. MÄ‚NIUÅ¢IU
  • Ileana BOGDAN
  • Vasile LAZÄ‚R
Keywords: sugar, cultivar, sowing time, carrot


The amount of sugar in carrots has an obvious influence upon the perception of the sweettaste and can also hide the bitter taste. In the experiment conducted in 2011, the amount of sugar in theroots of the carrots was taken into consideration for the varieties studied, Flakker and Nantes,depending on the time of sowing and the fertilizer used. The values obtained for the varieties studiedregistered sugar content between 8.70 and 10.93 mg/100 g.s.p.