Studies on the Quality of Rootstocks in the Viticultural Centre Blaj

  • Maria ILIESCU
  • Daniela POPESCU
  • Maria COMȘA
Keywords: biological material for propagation, rootstocks, carbohydrates, wood maturation


The quality of the initial material (graft and rootstock) is determined by theagricultural techniques applied. The study conducted at RSVO Blaj aimed to identify thedegree of maturation of rootstock strings in 2011, correlated with climate factors and the stageof obtaining grafts technology that could influence carbohydrate losses. The material used(string rootstocks grafted at the base, middle, or top) was harvested fresh from plantation, andfrom the silo (silage in November 2011). Keeping the propagating material at optimumhydration avoid losses of carbohydrates by extended hydration before grafting.