The Influence of Stational Factors over Indicator Species

  • Iuliana JALUBÄ‚
Keywords: cavitation, hydrodynamics, indicator plants, micro topography, pH, weather factors


In this paper, the direct links between the herbaceous vegetation and soil pH has beenanalyzed, also taking in consideration other stational elements. For a more relevant result, the studywas conducted in a secular forest because the natural balance and processes are way superior to theones of a small planted forest. In order to achieve the proposed objectives, 136 circular samplesurfaces, with a radius of 12,62 m, were created after a grid reference, 50 m apart, on the entire 35B,LIP VIII, Slătioara, Stulpicani forestry, Forestry Department Suceava, landscape surface. Otherwise,on this surface, the bonds between the information provided by the indicator species and soil pH,altitude and climate factors are not the usual ones. They are the ones from the North East side of thestudied terrain, on a cone shaped micro-form of landscape where according to the relative low altitudethe reactions should have been registered as having a more reduced acid pH. An importantphenomenon that was observed in this place is cavitation. The influences of the phenomenons such ascavitation must be studied more extensive in the future, because they could have a direct effect,unknown yet, over the local vegetation.