Plant Material Selection and Green-space Management Researches in Soveja Touristic Area

  • Alexandru Paul LAZÄ‚R-Bá‚RA
Keywords: charismatic fauna valuation, ecosystemic management, environmental education, mountain resort, landscape identity


Valuating the landscape features of Soveja mountain resort territory requires integratedapproach of the environmental and cultural resources in respect with the site’s green space reliabilityas well as its economic and social potential. The touristic area was subject to a landscape planningstudy. Subsequent landscape development objectives became the basis of green-space set-up andmanagement strategies. In this study, plant material is approached as a connecting element of habitatdistribution, land use and risk mitigation. In the first stage, touristic perimeter was defined around theurban core of the mountain resort, using the 2-hours walk isochrones. The whole landscape systemwas assigned an environmental education theme based on geographic features and charismatic faunavaluation, a national identity theme and a local tradition valuation. The area was divided into threeconcentric zones aiming specific wilderness / human impact ratios. The central area, correspondingroughly to the built resort perimeter, became the whole area’s safety core - plantations were set toensure native birds and herbivore fauna habitats, as well as staged blooming for traditional beekeepingsupport; forest clearings and forest skirts were the main nature models taken into account. Themedian ring was set for more permissive wild-life access, in connection with promenades and wild-lifeobservation spots: ecosystem management of the forest surrounding the resort was meant to create apark environment. The outer recreational ring, with forest and pasture paths was fully exposed to wildlife.This approach would serve landscape conservation and valuation for tourism and localcommunities benefit.