Cultural Impacts in Soveja Landscape

  • Alexandru Paul LAZÄ‚R-Bá‚RA
Keywords: landscape typologies, traditional land-use, ecumenic landscape, mioritic landscape


Soveja depression, the northernmost compartment of the Land of Vrancea from Romania,has its touristic pole in Soveja mountain resort. Its importance is relevant in the context of the OrientalCarpathians - because of the small number of formal resorts - as well as at national level -considering its historic and cultural character. This study presents local landscape as the resort’srepresentative asset, aiming its sustainable valuation for local communities, tourism, national andregional development purposes. Landscape typologies were identified based on GIS and fieldobservation material: environmental characters, cultural impacts and landscape perceptionopportunities analysis results, on various time and space scales, were presented on maps as well as inSWOT format, thus identifying conflicts and opportunities of cultural, ambient and environmentalconcern. Tourists’ preferences change affected landscape assessment map. The criteria aimed siteidentity parameters - such as historic references, cultural relevance and environment charisma.Generic proposals were made, aimed to ensure sustainability of the mountain resort’s landscapepatrimony. In Soveja, cultural and biologic diversity connect on landscape level, providing a complexpack of environmental services and products of regional impact. The site’s cultural identity,organically connected with its environmental features, is a national land-mark.