Mountain Resort Landscape Valuation - Soveja, Romania

  • Alexandru Paul LAZÄ‚R-Bá‚RA
Keywords: green infrastructure, landscape amenity, landscape planning, mountain resort


According to the National Development Plan of Romania- section VI, Soveja is a mountainresort valuating natural resources. This paper identifies and expands the development plan referencesconcerning the local capital, within the framework of a landscape planning study. The natural capitalof touristic interest is presented as part of a complex landscape, bearing also valuable culturalattributes. The limits of the valuation area are drawn according to territorial landscape identificationmethodology, thus involving all the interacting factors of the landscape. The actual resort ground isthus seen as a core of a landscape amenities valuation system. The proposed urban interventionconnects the outer mountain landscape with the resort streetscape and with its green infrastructure as awhole. The socio-economic approach aims the equitable access to public goods, from present toposterity. The neighboring local communities are offered an active role in tourism development and itsenvironmental impact mitigation. The landscape’s cultural heritage offers the opportunity to value theCucuteni to modern day’s continuity on a national relevance site. The study concludes there is anopportunity to protect local natural and anthropic heritage within a national park.