The Influence of Trunk Cutting on Growth and Fructification in Old Sweet Cherry Orchards

  • Viorel MITRE
  • Ioana MITRE
  • Adriana F. SESTRAS
  • Ciprian PETRISOR
  • Radu E. SESTRAS
Keywords: trunk cutting, motor saw, sweet cherry, vigour, bearing branches


In 2010-2011, the investigations were carried out on trees of ‘Germersdorf’ sweet cherrycultivar, grafted on Mahaleb rootstock, planted in 1991, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The trunk was cutwith a motor chain saw in order to break the flow of assimilates and bio regulators in the phloem ofthe tree trunk and induce flower bud setting. These treatments were also made in order to reducevegetative growth on trees that are particularly vigorous. Reducing vigour allows more sun to reachlower fruiting wood, making it more productive. The following treatments were compared: V1 -Control, V2 - Trunk cutting on side with a motor chain saw to a depth of ½ of their diameter, V3 -Trunk cutting, i.e. tree trunks were cut with a mechanic chain saw to a depth of ½ of their diameter, ontwo opposite sides of the trunk 30 cm apart. Every year the trunk diameter of the investigated treeswas measured 10 cm above the upper place of the treatment, the cross-section area and the increases inthis area calculated based on these measurements. In addition, the number of flower buds on the spurswas calculated both in cutting trunk variants and in the control. Cutting trunk treatments inhibitedincreases in trunk circumference, in the first year after the treatment. Stronger influence in V3treatment was obtained. The number of bearing branches and the yield increased using also trunkcuttingtreatments with statistically differences assured as to the control.