The Rate of Pollen Germination and the Pollen Viability at Ten Apple Cultivars in the Climatic Conditions of Transylvania

  • Ciprian PETRISOR
  • Viorel MITRE
  • Ioana MITRE
  • Lorentz JANTSCHI
  • Mugur C. BALAN
Keywords: apple, cultivar, pollen viability, germination, percentage


Pollen viability and germination are very important in choosing pollinating varieties neededto ensure high and quality yields. In this study, the viability and germination of pollen from ten applecultivars growing in high density system (3174 trees/ha), in the climatic conditions of Cluj-Napoca,Romania were investigated. In vitro germination tests (hanging drop and agar-plate) were used toestimate pollen viability and germination in these cultivars. The viability and the germination ofpollens varied significantly according to the cultivars. Among the cultivars analyzed in terms of pollenviability best results are recorded in ‘Pinova’ (89.92%), ‘Gala’ (80.48%), ‘Florina’ (76.67%),‘Topaz’ (75.97%) and ‘Top Red’ (74.64%), which differed statistically from ‘Golden Reinders’ usedas a control. The cultivar that shows the lowest values on pollen germination percentage was‘Jonagold’, with differences statistically assured to ‘Golden Reinders’ cultivar, used as a controlvariant.