Researches Regarding the Selection of Onion Genotypes Tolerant to Drough

  • Niculai POPANDRON
  • Gicuta SBIRCIOG
  • Mircea TUDORA
  • Constantin TUDORA
Keywords: onion, cultivar, germoplasm, breeding, tolerant to drought


The lack of water and very high temperatures influence very much the production ofvegetable species, the onion being one of the most sensitive species in this respect. Identifyinggermoplasm sources resistant to drought or with other attributes able to determine the decreasing ofwater consume represents the major objective in onion amelioration in order to diminish the effects thedrought produces. In order to valuate the germoplasm sources as regards their reaction to the abioticfactors (the vulnerability to the thermal and water stress), experiments have been organized as follows:culture irrigated in order to ensure the best conditions of growing and development of the plants,culture less irrigated in the critical moments and culture that is not irrigated from the establishment ofthe culture. 12 lines have been tested, local populations and species. . Following the experimentsperformed, from the 12 studied cultivars, three of them (Briliant, Haltedon and L-123/2006) behavedthe best at the thermal and water stress, being recommended as valuable germoplasma sources in thefuture amelioration works.