Research Regarding Technological Particularities For Obtaining Onion Ecologic Seeds

  • Niculai POPANDRON
  • Mircea TUDORA
  • Constantin TUDORA
Keywords: onion, conventional and organic technology, seed, productivity


An interesting novelty in onion production is represented by the development ofecological production using organic seed. A comparative study between the conventionaltechnology of obtaining onion seed and the technology of obtaining organic seed has beenmade. There have been significant differece between the two technologies. The difference inproduction was very significant, obtaining a production of 345 kg / ha for the classicaltechnology and a 164 kg / ha production for the organic seed. Regarding the classictechnology, the average flower stems hight was higher by 26 cm, the inflorescences diameterby 37% larger, the number of flowers in bloom by 40% higher, MMB = 4.2 g for the classictechnology and 3.7 g for the organic technology, the germination higher by 6%.