Using the Technique of Dials and Venn Diagrams in Teaching of Biochemistry Laboratory

  • Ioana ROMAN
  • Andreea STÄ‚NILÄ‚
Keywords: alternative methods, capacity, cognitive structures, education, involvement


Alternative methods of education are an important component of teaching strategiesrepresenting the system that provides effective ways of teaching and learning. This research want topresent the role of modern teaching methods to create a situational context, so that learners areengaged to participate actively in achievement teaching objectives, to biochemistry laboratory classes.Active methodology that was used led the student to learn by personal effort by exploring oftheoretical subjects and experimental activities. This determined to obtain interesting results indeveloping students' ability to understand and apply concepts learned in the lab courses. Also theapplications of these methods have developed from students: intellectual capacities, creative spirit ofobservation, cognitive structures and practical skills. In conclusion has been observed an activeinvolvement of students in activity.