Romanian Tourism Strengths Versus Weaknesses

  • Ioana Anda Milin
  • Ioan Fruja
  • Iuliana Ioana Merce
  • Ioan Petroman
Keywords: potential, natural resources, promotion, tourism industry, accommodation capacity, tourists


Introduction: All attributes of Romania as a tourist destination are attractive elements that allow us to organize various forms of tourism: stay (mountain, seaside, spa), hunting and fishing, sports, cultural and other itinerant valence.

Materials and methods: The study material was used during the preparation of the paper consists of the synthesis, processing and interpretation of numerous statistical data provided by the authorities

Results: Currently, the Romanian tourism is characterized globally by the following indicators:1.6 million foreign tourists in 2012,11.1 million departures of Romanian tourists in 2012 (an increase of 74.5% compared to 2000) Euro billion tourism receipts in 2012 .

Conclusion: We believe that the complexes, analysis of Romanian tourism based on the indicators presented, we point out the strengths and weaknesses of Romanian tourism.In  strengths category we include : the potential of natural and anthropogenic, accommodation and catering capabilities diversified,creating new tourism products. In weaknesses category can be included -high taxation, low level of infrastructure development in some areas especially in rural areas,  inadequate report quality / price for tourist services ,lack of cleanliness, various facilities in public spaces (parks, toilets, tourist information centers, etc.