Researches on the Behaviour of Pepper Genotypes (Capsicum annuum L.) at the Thermic and Hydric Stress

  • Gicuța SBáŽRCIOG Research and Development Institute for Vegetable and Flower Growing Vidra
Keywords: pepper, genotypes, irrigation, abiotic, hydric stress


For assessing the behaviour of the pepper genotypes to the abiotic factors, 21 genotypes of pepper were studied, organized in 3 technological variants: V1- culture irrigated by irrigation standards assuring optimal conditions for the plants' growing and development; V2- culture for which small irrigation standards are administered, in critical moments; V3- non-irrigated culture, as of bedding the culture. In the conditions of technological variant V3, only plants of the variety long pepper Cosmin survived, but fruit size was reduced the production being situated well below, comparing with other two versions.