“Vidra 9”, a New Variety of Bell Pepper, Obtained at RDIVFG Vidra

  • Gicuța SBáŽRCIOG Research and Development Institute for Vegetable and Flower Growing Vidra
Keywords: bell pepper, variety, lines, fruits


Researches were made during the period 2004-2010 at ICDLF Vidra as part of the research topic and aimed at obtaining new pepper cultivars (hybrid types), with superior productions as compared to the genotypes existing in the national assortment, resistant to the biotic and abiotic factors.

The lines of pepper were studied in the comparative plots for their behaviour (2008-2010). The variants were set up in randomized blocks placed in four replication and during the growing season several observations and determination were performed according to U.P.O.V. file. As control  the green  pepper variety  Export  was used.

The results' analysis showed that all lines of green pepper studied in the comparative plots for their behaviour, using as control variety the cultivar Export, achieved superior productions as compared to control variety (29.2 t/ha.Among the green pepper lines, line L 12 especially remarked itself by the conic fruit, being slightly mucronate and coloured as white-yellow at technological maturity and intense red at physiological maturity. L12 was remarked from all lines, being tested in ISTIS network and registered under the name “Vidra 9â€.