Manufacture of Ecological Mortars by Cork and Sawdust Waste Recycling

  • Claudiu Aciu Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Roxan Tamas-Gavrea
  • Constantin Munteanu
Keywords: recycling, waste, cork, sawdust, building materials, mortar


At present, specialists in all fields increasingly focus their attention on meeting the major objectives of sustainable development represented by the rational use of material and energy resources and the reduction of pollution. In this context, the construction industry is in line with the mentioned objectives through the effort to streamline raw materials and at the same time, to protect the environment by minimizing waste. This paper approaches the study regarding the recycling of waste resulting from various technologies for processing renewable resources, which involves the inexhaustibility of these raw materials. Thus, the paper presents a comparative study of recycled cork and sawdust in the composition of mortar, in order to establish the influence of their use on technical characteristics compared to classical mortar. The research is concluded with the elaboration of the technology for the manufacture of cork granule mortar and saw dust mortar, which are ecological mortars through the reduction of the embodied energy due to the recycling of the aggregates used and which prove to be good thermal and sound insulating materials.