The Influence of Seed Position on the Emergence Some Rootstocks by Lagenaria siceraria

Madalina DOLTU, Marian BOGOESCU, Dorin SORA


The researches was conducted in the Laboratory for Protected Cultures of the ICDIMPH-Horting Bucharest. The observations were made during the growing season, in 2013 year. The experience was conducted in a rootstocks collection consisting from 3 hybrids F1 by Lagenaria siceraria (Argentario, Macis, Achile). The research has aimed obtaining some rootstocks by cucurbits using different seeds positions, in order to establish technological dates to produce seedlings for grafting. The results show that at the studied hybrids the seed position has influenced the rootstocks emergence. The seed position is an important factor in the technology for production of L. siceraria rootstocks seedlings.


seed, position, emergence, rootstocks, Cucurbitaceae

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