The Romanian System Of Education In The Graduatesʼ Vision

  • Mirela Faragau-Dragoș University of Agricultural Sciences Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
  • Tunde Giurgiuman
  • Iona Roman
  • Nicoleta Gudea
Keywords: , system of education, positive and negative aspects, opportunities, threats, SWOT analysis


Abstract: The Romanian System of education represents a complex problem debated on large scale by a lot of people by generalizing the negative without offering solutions. Knowing the thinking of young generations upon the system of education is an important aspect because the visions, ideas, opportunities the positive and negative aspects seen by the students might become a source of inspiration for a didactic reform. The target group is represented by the graduated students from USAMV-Cluj-Napoca. The method of work was represented by the SWOT analysis being guided to achieve having as subject the Romanian system  of education. Within their work for achieving the SWOT analysis the student praised both strong and weak points as well as the opportunities and threatening the systems is confronting with.

Author Biography

Mirela Faragau-Dragoș, University of Agricultural Sciences Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Plant Culture Departament, PHD. lecturer