Observations Regarding the Influence of A.D. Bio-Phyto-Modulators on Germination and Growing of the Picea abies (Spruce) and Robinia pseudocacia (Locust, Acacia)

  • Ioan SáŽNCRÄ‚IAN
  • Horia Radu CRIVEANU
  • Simona Laura INOAN
Keywords: Bio-phyto-modulators, spruce, locust, germination.


Introduction: The AD type bio-phyto-modulators work in the subtle field, act as resonators, they absorb the universal vibration through the liquid crystals they contain, and transform her in resonant vibration of the biological environment used.

Aims: The germination and growing process to spruce and white willow under the influence of AD AD type bio-phyto-modulators.

Materials and methods: The biological material analyzed consists in spruce and white willow seeds. To verify the germination capacity Linhartd type pots germination were used and the germination bed was made of filter paper. Besides given water treatment, seeds were stimulated with DIEE bio-phyto-modulators.

Results: In the following days notable differences were observed between the stimulated variant and witness in what concerns the germination, growing and development of plants. The white willow plants grew up to 7-9 cm in height and were noticeably more vigorous than the witness variant that arrived at 5-7 cm in height. Differences in germination, growing and development were observed at the spruce plants too, between the two variants.

Conclusion: Applying DIEE bio-phyto-modulators proved to be beneficial, with notable differences for both germination and plant growth.