Accumulation of Nitrate in the Roots of Carrot in Conditions of Transylvania and Correlation Between the Amount of Soluble Dry Matter and of Nitrites

Tincuta Marta GOCAN, Dănuț Nicolae MÄ‚NIUÅ¢IU, Ileana ANDREICA, Ileana BOGDAN, Vasile LAZÄ‚R, Ioana NEACȘU


Nitrate accumulation in plants is a natural phenomenon resulting from uptake of nitrate ion in excess of its reduction and subsequent assimilation. The problem of nitrate (V) accumulation in vegetable plants is very important to a potential consumer, due to the reported negative impact of nitrates on human health. The aim of this study was to determine the nitrate contents in edible parts of 2 varieties of carrot, before clamping and after uncovering, in fresh carrot and dry matter. Achievement of a rational system of supplementary fertilization requires setting of the most appropriate combination of fertilizers, the ratio between these epochs and the doses of administration and knowledge of how each variety or hybrid reacts to fertilizers used. Also, if you use organic carrots then the organic fertilizer has natural nitrates unlike chemical fertilizer which can create a higher concentration of nitrates.

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