Main Characteristics of the Marketing Department inside the Agro-Food Companies from Cluj County

  • Gabriela Chiciudean USAMV Cluj-Napoca
  • Daniel Chiciudan
Keywords: marketing budget, decision-making factor, survey, marketing responsible, marketing orientation


The marketing department role inside a company is linked to its profitability. Each company pursuits to obtain a competitive market advantage having better products and smarter strategies. Therefore, the marketing department is the key factor for a successful market activity. The aim of the present article is to identify the characteristics of marketing departments among the agro-food companies from Cluj County in terms of number of members, level of education, the decision-making factor and level of education, relationship between the marketing responsible and marketing. In order to achieve the goal of characterizing the marketing department, a survey has been conducted among the agro-food companies from Cluj County during January-June 2012 using the questionnaire. Results indicate that the agro-food companies do not have a marketing department or it has one or two members. The main decision-making factor is the administrator. For the most companies marketing responsible do not have marketing knowledge. Three quarters of the companies do not establish a marketing budget. Marketing is not very well highlighted inside the companies from the agro-food sector in Cluj County especially among the smaller ones. The consequences reflect in the weak policy of promotions and advertising comparing to the foreign companies or the biggest ones.

Author Biography

Gabriela Chiciudean, USAMV Cluj-Napoca
Economic Sciences