Molecular Characterisation of Romanian Grapevine Cultivars Using Nuclear Microsatellite Markers

  • Monica HARTA USAMV Cluj-Napoca
  • Doru PAMFIL USAMV Cluj-Napoca
Keywords: Vitis vinifera, cultivars, SSR, DNA barcodes


In the present study we use six nuclear SSR loci (SS2, MD5, MD7, MD27, ZAG 62 and ZAG 79) to characterize four autochthonous grapevine cultivars (Băbeasca neagră, Feteasca regalÇŽ, Frâncușa, and Grasa de Cotnari), including four international comparative genotypes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay Blanc, Riesling Italian and Merlot Noir). The DNA microsatellite analysis was used to construct a barcode system. The advantage of this mode of grouping data is a visual representation of the number and size of alleles, allowing easy detection of genotypic differences between analysed cultivars. Our results shows that this system of data grouping can be useful for characterisation of Romanian cultivars at molecular level. The integration of such DNA barcodes into nationally and internationally coordinated databases could increase the accuracy with which grapevine genetic resources are managed in Romania.