Changes in food consumption pattern of households in Romania in the period 2004-2011

  • Lucian Luca Institute of Agricultural Economics
Keywords: average daily food consumption per person, share of food in total household expenditures


According to data from the Household Budget Survey, the average daily food consumption per person was about 2500 kcal in the last decade, with an increasing trend in the share of animal calories from 530 kcal in the early 2000 to over 600 kcal in the late years. The analysis of different caloric food groups highlights the fact that cereals and cereal products provide a significant part of population energy needs. Compared to 2004, the intake of meat and meat products increased, indicating the convergence to the model of developed countries. Average daily food consumption expressed in calories differs depending on household size, number of children and amount of revenue. Increasing household expenditure for food in 2011, accounting for 44.9% of total consumption expenditure, mark the end of a long period with gradual diminution in the share of food in household budget. The economic growth in the period 2004-2008, on the other hand, was reflected in income and consumption, leading to a relative decrease in food consumption expenditures, i.e. a diminution of the share of these expenditures, the evolution model of developed countries.