Preliminary Results Regarding the Potential of Propagation by Green Cutting of the Plum Rootstock Mirobolan BN 4 Kr

  • Angela FESTILA Fruit research & Development Station Bistrita
  • Ioan ZAGRAI
  • Craisor MAZILU
  • Ioan BAIAS
Keywords: Mirobolan BN 4 Kr, green cutting, propagation potential


Key words: Mirobolan BN 4 Kr, green cutting,  propagation potential.

Introduction:The Mirobolan BN 4 Kr is a plum rootstock obtained  trough muthegenesis, known as resistant to Plum pox virus, which is considered  the  most destructive  viral pathogen of the stone fruits.

The vegetative propagation of rootstocks is a way that avoids the inconvenients of generative propagation. So far there are still few known data about the potential of  vegetative multiplication  of Mirobolan BN 4 Kr.

Aims: In order to asses its potential of vegetative propagation by using green cutting, an experiment was performed at SDCP Bistrita.

Materials and methods: We used three different culture substrats- V1-sand, V2-pearl stone and V3- 1:1 mix of sand and pearl stone. The green cutts were harvested in June, whrougt at 20 cm length max, treated with root stimulants- Radistim 1 and planted in the culture substrats. The optimal vegetation conditions were provided by using an artificial  fog installation.

Results: Before the end of the vegetation cycle there were made observation regarding the rooting capacity of the green cuts planted in the three substrats. The highest rooting percentage was noticed at substrat version- mix of sand and pearlstone. From the total number of planted cutts 78,7 % presented roots in V3. For the other two  substrat versions, the rooting percentage was 70,6 % for V2  and 58,8 % for V1.

Conclusions: Preliminary results are promising and we expect that the further studies will get  new consistent information in order to improve the technique for obtaining easily a large number of rooted cutts and will help us to add more credibility to its large scale potential propagation.