Correlations Between Romanian Names of Plants and Persons

  • Elvira Oroian
  • Rodica Silvia Stan
  • Anca Simona Moangă
  • Sorana Lucia Adam Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara Cluj-Napoca
  • Mihaela Mihai
Keywords: name of plants, anthroponomy, patronymics, Romanian names of plants


The source of statistical data was the Civil Registry of the Cluj-Napoca City House, Person Registration Department. The number of anthroponym and patronym occurrences underwent analysis for the 2005-2013 period.


The Romanian patronyms derived from names of flowers are significantly less numerous than the anthroponyms. The most frequent anthroponyms are: Crina, Camelia, Florina, Florin, Iris, Laura, Lăcrămioara and Veronica. Certain names like Florica, considered to be a peasant name, disappears little by little, being replaced by modern names.


The conclusion we reached is that plants choose the person, while the significance of the name exerts a determining influence on the person carrying it.