Romania and the Political Agreement for the Common Agriculture Policy Reform

  • Ionel Mugurel Jitea University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj Napoca
  • Diana Elena Mureșan
  • Cristina Bianca Pocol
Keywords: Common Agricultural Policy, political agreement, Romania.


In the last years, the European Commission proposed an important consultative process that leads to several reform proposals designed to change the Common Agriculture Policy. They cover all the policy areas: the direct payments, market organisation and the rural development in order to promote a long-run sustainable agriculture. The paper aims to summarise the main policy-changes and to discuss what are the main possible outcomes for Romania. It uses a bibliographical study of the main European Commission regulations. Results point out that the reforms can help Romania to overcome several structural drawbacks. The direct payment convergence between member states, the special young farmer setup payment and the possibility to use the Simplified Area Payments Scheme until 2020 will increase the competitiveness capacity of the Romanian farms. The CAP greening and also the support for the innovative technologies can pose problems from the farm adaptive capacity and also from administrative point of view.